Get your vehicle road worthy

Road worthiness
Having a road worthy car is a requirement for driving any vehicle on Nigerian roads. It gives a feeling of assurance, safety and satisfaction of the preconditions for driving your vehicle. Beyond obtaining a road worthy certificate as proof, we think you should know how to ensure your vehicle is road worthy at any time.
Below are the list of items/ preconditions for making your vehicle road worthy.
1, Brakes
Both foot and parking brake (hand brakes) must be in proper working condition and able to stop & hold your vehicle within a distance of 8 metres at a speed of 32km/h
2, Lights
All your vehicles lights should be in proper working condition. From headlamps, rear lights, fog lamps, reflectors, turning signals, parking lights and brake lights.
3, Horns
Horns must be working enough to be heard from at least 60 metres away
4, Windshield Wiper
Ensure all wipers on the vehicle are in good working condition. It helps to ensure safety especially during bad weather
5, Rear view Mirror
Rear view mirrors are an important vehicle accessory. You need to be able to view what is happening behind you at all times. In Fact we also recommend that your side mirrors should be in proper condition to aid your overall view of your surroundings
6, Body
An overall good body condition is needed for your vehicle to be road worthy. Ensure all body panels are nicely fixed and in the right positions.
7, Tyres
Good tyres are a necessity and a tyre depth of at least 2/32nds of an inch is required
8, Muffler
A well-equipped muffler and exhaust system with proper emission components help reduce environmental and noise pollution. This is also a requirement for your vehicle to be road worthy.
9, Engine
The engine is the soul of your vehicle. A proper functioning engine ensures that your vehicle doesn’t breakdown unnecessarily
10, Plate Numbers
These are compulsory items that must be on your vehicle at all times. One on the front and another on the rear bumper. These items must always be visible
Who issues road worthiness certificate
The Vehicle Inspection Office is the agency of government saddled with the authority to issue road worthiness certificate and usually done at the state level.
Who can request for your Vehicles road worthiness certificate.
The truth is they all do inspite of the fact that not all government agencies found on the road have the right to, so our take is ensure your vehicle is road worthy and has a valid road worthy certificate. I want to get a Road worthiness certificate. Check out